Meals & Menus

 We have a kitchen on site and offer a variety of healthy food at snack time and mealtimes.

  • School lunch meals are cooked off-site and brought in. 
  • Breakfast and tea are prepared and provided by staff on site.
  • Holiday club breakfast, lunch and tea meals are prepared and provided by staff on site.

 We do not allow packed lunches. 

 Snacks (including fruit / milk / water) are available for children to independently access throughout the session. Cooking activities are available several times a week.

Please help us provide healthy snacks for all children – please bring in donations of fruit, vegetables and crackers / breadsticks (vegetarian) 
  • If children participate in a cooking activity, the food is usually shared between the children at the snack table. 

Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements. If your child has an allergy you will be asked to bring us a letter from your doctor – please see your key person for further information.