Awards & Projects

 Grow and Eat

We have been busy growing fruit and vegetables in our allotment areas. We have had lots of help from parents. Please let us know if you are interested in gardening and would like to join us.

Making it REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy)
‘Making it REAL’ is based on the ‘REAL’ approach developed by Cathy Nutbrown and Peter Hannon at the University of Sheffield. ‘Making it REAL’ training enables practitioners to use the ‘REAL’ evidence-based approach that reaches out to parents and families, building confidence and knowledge to support the early home learning environment: this has been shown to have a powerful impact on children’s outcomes, on family literacy practice and on literacy practice in nursery.

Being Two and Being Two SEND Projects in partnership with the Haringey Nursery School Consortium and Pen Green

This project looked at developing ways of working effectively with children and families accessing the Two Year Old Provision. Read more about the project here.

Lullaby Project in partnership with the Haringey Nursery School Consortium and Youth Music



Eco - School Silver Award








We have the Eco School Silver Award and are now working hard to achieve the Green Flag Award. The children help us to 

look after the environment by energy saving, litter picking, recycling, composting, growing fruit and vegetables and looking after garden wildlife.

Help needed!
Parents/carers – please join our working party which meets once a month to help us look after the environment at Pembury and the community.
What is Eco -School?

Eco-School is an international award programme which will help us become an environmentally friendly and greener school.
  • We are teaching children how to look after the precious planet we live on. 
  • We are reducing waste
  • We are saving money and becoming more sustainable Benefits of joining Eco-Schools include:
Eco-School is managed in England by the environmental charity ‘Keep Britain Tidy’, which is the anti-litter campaign for England.

Eco-School is run in 53 countries around the world, linking more than 40,000 schools – from the UK to France and from Morocco to South Africa.

 Sustainable Travel Award

We have the Sustainable Travel Silver Award and are now working towards achieving the Gold Award.

At Pembury, we are helping to reduce the number of cars traveling to and from schools. We encourage children and parents to walk, cycle and scoot to nursery.

We now have ‘scooter parking’ spaces at both nursery sites, making it easier for parents and children to travel to and from nursery without using a car. 

The children learn about road safety as they play with the bikes outdoors, or go on local walks e.g. to the shops, library or park. We go on local ‘welly walks’ each term - please look out for the dates and come along.